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Online Battery Life Calculator will give the performance or what will be the life time of the electronic device in a short span of time. It gives the approximate battery runtime by taking the capacity of the battery, load current details. After giving the data, hit the calculate button.

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How to Calculate Battery Life?

Go through the detailed steps to find the performance of a battery easily.

  • Check the battery capacity, load current.
  • Divide the battery capacity by the load current.
  • Multiply the result by 0.707 to get the battery life value.

What is Meant by Battery Life?

The battery life is a measure of performance that is used to find the lifetime or runtime of a battery. A battery is an electronic device that can be charged. It is a combination of two or more electrochemical cells.

The different types of batteries are primary battery, secondary battery. Primary batteries are use and throw batteries because they are not rechargeable. The secondary batteries are rechargeable and can be recharged at any time.

The formula to compute the battery life is here.

Battery Life Time = (Capacity of battery/load current) * 0.707

Battery rumtime = capacity/consumption * (1 - discharge safety)


Capacity is the capacity of your battery in ampere hours.

Consumption is the average current draw from your device

Discharge safety is the percentage of battery capacity that is never used.

How Long Will a Battery Last?

The amount of time a battery lasts depends on the following additional parameters.

Awake Time: It is the time that your device is not sleeping during one operational cycle.

Consumption in sleep mode: It is the average consumption of your device in sleep mode. It is less than the consumption in awake mode.

Sleep time: It is the time that your device spends sleeping during one operation cycle.

The average consumption equation is given here.

average consumption = (consumption1 * time1 + consumption2 * time2) / (time1 + time2)


Question: If the capacity of my phone battery is 800 ampere per hour, load current is 20 ampere. Find the battery life of your phone?


Given that,

Phone battery capacity = 800 ampere per hour

load current = 20 ampere

Battery Life Time = (Capacity of battery/load current) * 0.707

= (800/20) * 707

= 28.28

Therefore, the phone battery life time is 28.28 hours.

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Frequently Asked Question's on Battery Life Calculator

1. How to check battery life on a calculator?

The simple steps to calculate the battery life is to enter the capacity of the battery, load current details in the given input fields of the calculator. Press the calculate button to check the battery life in a fraction of seconds.

2. What is meant by battery life?

The battery life is nothing but the performance that is used to find the lifetime of the battery or longevity.

3. What is the formula to calculate battery life?

The formula to find the battery life is battery life = battery capacity/consumption * (1 - discharge safety).

4. What are the parameters of battery run time?

The parameters of battery run-time are capacity of the battery, discharge safety and device consumption.

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