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Make use of free g to mol conversion calculator to convert the mass of a substance in grams to moles easily. All you need to do is enter the substance weight in grams, select the chemical substance name, type and click the calculate button to avail the result within no time.


How to Calculate Moles from Grams?

Have a look at the simple process of the conversion of grams to moles easily.

  • Check the mass of the substance in grams.
  • Find the molecular weight of the substance.
  • Divide the substance mass in grams by the molecular weight to obtain the molar mass in moles.

Grams to Moles Formula

The formula to convert the grams to moles of a substance is given here:

Moles = mass of the substance in grams/molar mass


Question: Convert 56g of water into moles?


Given that

Mass of the substance = 56 g

Molecular mass of water = 18.015 g/mol

Moles = mass in grams/molar mass of water

= 56/18.015

= 3.10 mol

Therefore, the mass of water in moles is 3.10

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FAQ’s on Grams to Moles Calculator

1. How to convert grams to moles?

Get the mass and molecular weight of the substance. Divide the mass in grams by the molecular weight to know how many moles are there in the substance.

2. What is the formula for grams to moles conversion?

The simple formula to convert g to mol is given here.

Moles = mass of the substance in grams/molecular weight.

3. How to use grams to moles calculator?

You have to select the type of chemical substance, substance name and give its mass in grams in the specified input field. Hit the calculate button to check the mass in moles value.

4. What is a mole?

In chemistry, a mole is defined as the amount of substance that contains exactly 6.02214076 x 1023 elementary entities of the given substance.

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