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Ionic Formula Calculator gives the formula of an ionic compound and net ionic charge details quickly. All you need to do is provide the ionic compound name and hit the calculate button to check the ionic radii, net ionic charge and its formula.

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How to Write Ionic Formula?

The following are the 2 simple methods to write an ionic formula. Go through these steps for a better understanding.

  • General Method:
    • At first, write the symbol and charge of the cation and anion.
    • Use a multiplier to make the number of cations and anions are equal.
    • Write those multipliers as subscripts for each ion.
    • Write the final formula and all charges and subscripts that are 1.
  • Criss-cross Method:
    • Write the symbol, charge of the cation first and anion second.
    • Transpose the number of positive charges to become subscript of the anion, a number of negative charges to become the subscript of the cation.
    • Reduce to the lowest ratio.
    • Write the final formula by eliminating all subscripts that are 1.

Ionic Compound Definition

An ionic compound is defined as a chemical compound that is made up of ions that are held together by the electrostatic force known as ionic bonding. The formed compound is neutral as it has positively charged ions and negatively charged ions. The positively charged ions are called cations and negatively charged ions are called anions.

In an ionic compound, the number of cations and anions are equal. The net ionic charge is nothing but the number of cations or anions a chemical compound is having. The ionic formula can be written in 2 ways, one is general method and the other is a criss-cross method.


Question: Calculate the net ionic charge of Na+


Given Na+

The ion name is sodium cation or sodium ion

Net ionic charge is +1

Ionic radii is

4-coordinate: 99 pm

6-coordinate: 102 pm

8-coordinate: 118 pm

9-coordinate: 124 pm

12-coordinate: 139 pm

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FAQ’s on Ionic Formula Calculator

1. How to find the ionic formula?

To find the formula of an ionic compound, cation, anion and its charge. Balance the ions charge using multipliers. Write multipliers as the subscript for each ion.

2. What is an ionic equation?

The ionic equation is a chemical equation in which ionic compounds are dissolved as depicted as free ions. It is used to show all the substances present in the solution.

3. How to write a simple ionic formula?

The simple way to write an ionic formula is a criss-cross method. Transpose the number of positive charges to the subscript of anion and number of negative charges to the subscript of the cation.

4. How to find net ionic charge using a calculator?

Only one simple step is to enter the ion in the input field of the calculator and click the calculate button. It provides the net ionic charge, its name, and ionic radii.

Ionic Formula Calculator