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If you want to convert from grams into moles or find the molecular weight in just a few seconds take the help of our Mole Calculator. You just need to input the data in the input provision and hit the calculate button to avail the result in the blink of an eye.

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What is a Mole?

Mole is used for measuring the amount in chemistry. Simultaneously, working in a laboratory, dealing with the small or microscopic amounts of materials and other atoms depending on experiments. It acts as a bridge between both of them. Mainly it is used to weight out the amount of two substances that are used by chemists.

According to the International System of Units (SI), a mole contains an equal amount of Avogadro’s constant. 1 mol is equal to 6.022 x 1023 representative particles.

How to Calculate Moles?

Let’s check how to calculate moles by referring to the lines outlined below. We have taken Examples and tried explaining you so that you will be more clear with the concept. Below is how can you convert moles to grams

  • First of all, determine how many moles are there in a given problem.
  • Now calculate the molar z answer without any mistake.
  • You need to use a basic formula to calculate mole mass.

The basic formula for converting mole into gram is mole = molecular weight / mass (multiply both sides by mass)

mole * mass = molecular weight (divide both sides by mole)

mass = molecular weight / mole


Question: Calculate the mass in g for one atom of sodium?


This problem can be solved if the mass of 1 mole of Na and a single atom mass is known.

To get the answer to multiply 22.99 g Na/mole x 10-23g.

The outcome is 3.817 x 10-23g.

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FAQs on Mole Calculations

1. How can you calculate the moles present?

To calculate moles, use the basic molar mass formula. For that, divide the mass of the compound present by its molar mass.

2. How much a mole has?

In one mole, there are 6.022 x 1023 atoms or molecules. This is also called Avogadro’s number.

3. How to Convert moles to grams?

Multiply molar mass of the compound with the number of moles to get the amount of mass present in grams.

4. Calculate the number of moles in 10 gram NaOH?

The molar mass of NaOH is 39.99711. Given mass is 10 grams. So, moles present are 0.25 moles.

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