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Utilize our online free Stoichiometry Calculator and solve the chemical stoichiometry equation. Provide your input equation and reactants or products mass/ moles in the input box and press the calculate button to obtain the stoichiometry values of the balanced given equation as output within a short span of time.

Method to calculate Stoichiometry of Chemical Equation

Stoichiometry is used to express the quantitative relationship between reactants and products in the chemical equation. To solve the stoichiometry values we need to balance the equation and predict molar mass. Follow the simple guidelines mentioned below to solve the Stoichiometry of Chemical Equation.

  • Let us take any chemical equation.
  • Balance the equation by adding the coefficients to the reactants and products.
  • Calculate the molar mass of each and every reactant and product in the chemical equation
  • Take the moles of one chemical element to find the weight and mass of products and other elements.
  • Multiply the given moles with molar mass amount of elements with its coefficients to get the weight.


Question: Hydrogen burns in oxygen to form water. What mass of oxygen is needed to burn 1 gram of hydrogen, and what mass of water is obtained?


Equation is H2+O2->H2O

The balanced equation will form


Find the relative atomic moss and molecular mass of the each element in the equation

H=1, O=16

H2=2, O2=32, H2O=2+16=18

2H2 + O2 -> 2H2O

2*2(4) 32 2*18=36

4 grams of hydrogen reacts with 32 grams of oxygen to give 36 grams of water.

1 gram of hydrogen reacts with (32/4) 8 grams of oxygen to give (36/4) 9 grams of water solution.

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FAQs on Stoichiometry Calculator

1. Why is Stoichiometry difficult?

Stoichiometry can be difficult because it builds upon a number of individual skills. To solve your problem, you should learn skills and plan the strategy of solving problems.

2. How do you calculate stoichiometry?

The four simple steps to solve almost all stoichiometric problems are listed here

  • Balance chemical equation
  • Know the atomic mass or molecular mass of all substances
  • Using the mole ratio, calculate the moles of the substance by the reaction
  • Convert moles to the desired units.

3. How do I calculate moles?

The formula to know the moles is Number of moles= Mass of the substance/ Mass of one mole.

4. Why is it called stoichiometry?

The word stoichiometry is derived from two greek words stoicheion and metron. Stoicheion means element and metron means measure. Stoichiometry deals with the calculations of masses of the reactants and products in the chemical reaction.

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