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Avail free Boiling Point Elevation Calculator tool to find the boiling point of water easily. Simply just enter the altitude of the sea level in the specified input section of the calculator to check the boiling point at altitude, pressure in a fraction of seconds.

Boiling Point

Steps to Find Boiling Point of Water

Following is the step by step process to evaluate the water boiling point.

  • Get the altitude value.
  • Substitute the altitude value in the pressure formula.
  • Solve the equation.
  • Place the pressure value in the boiling point formula.
  • Perform the operations to get the boiling point of water.

What is Boiling Point of Sea Water?

In chemistry, the boiling point is the temperature where the liquid vapour pressure equals the external pressure surrounding the liquid. At this temperature, the liquid is converted into a vapour state. The boiling point elevation is the increase in the solvent boiling point by adding the solute. This temperature is dependant on the pressure.

The normal boiling point of the seawater is -100°C or 212°F. In the same way, the freezing point of the water at sea level is 0°C or 32°F.

Boiling Point Altitude Equation

We know that water boiling point depends on the pressure and pressure depends on the altitude at the sea level. The formulas to calculate the pressure, the boiling point is given here:

boiling point = 49.161 x log(pressure) + 44.932

pressure = 29.921(1 - 0.0000068753 x altitude)5.2559


Question: Find the boiling point of water located at 2500 m altitude.


Given that,

Altitude = 2500 m

convert 2500 m into ft

1 m = 3.28084 ft

altitude = 2500 x 3.28084 = 8,202.1 ft

Pressure = 29.921(1 - 0.0000068753 x altitude)5.2559

= 29.921(1 - 0.0000068753 x 8,202.1)5.2559

= 29.921(1 - 0.05639189813)5.2559

= 28.235.2559

= 22.05 in_Hg

Boiling Point = 49.161 * ln(pressure) + 44.932

= 49.161 x ln(22.05) + 44.932

= 197.01°F

Therefore, the boiling point of water is 197.01°F.

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FAQ’s on Boiling Point Altitude Calculator

1. How to calculate water boiling point?

Before computing the boiling point, we need to find the pressure of the water. The formula to get the pressure is pressure = 29.921(1 - 0.0000068753 x altitude)5.2559. Multiply the log of pressure with the 49 and 45 to it to check the boiling point.

2. What are the factors that depend on boiling point at elevation?

The boiling point of water at altitude depends on the pressure and it depends on the altitude. By increasing the altitude, the boiling point decreases.

3. What is the boiling point elevation equation?

The water boiling point formula is boiling point = 49.161 x log(pressure) + 44.932.

4. What is the boiling point altitude of 50 m?

Given that,

altitude = 50 m = 50 x 3.28084 = 164.042 ft

Pressure = 29.921 x (1 - 0.0000068753 x altitude)5.2559

= 29.921 x (1 - 0.0000068753 x 164.042)5.2559

= 29.744059 in-Hg

Boiling point = 49.161 x log(pressure) + 44.932

= 49.161 x log(29.744059) + 44.932

= 211.71°F

Therefore, the boiling point of water is 211.71°F.

Boiling Point Altitude Calculator