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Utilise our online Chemical Name Calculator to know the chemical name for the given chemical formula or chemical formula for the given name. Provide your input as a name or formula and hit the calculate button to obtain the chemical name within a short span of time.

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Chemical Formula Definition

The chemical formula is a symbolic representation of the chemical composition. A chemical is a substance that contains matter. It may occur naturally or artificially. A chemical may be liquid or solid or gas.

Chemical can be used in a reaction that involves a change in atoms or molecules to produce a new substance. The production of new substances by undergoing a chemical reaction is called the chemical change. The properties of chemicals are flammability, acidity, reactivity and others.

How to Write Chemical Formula?

To write the chemical formula, you have to know the symbol of the elements available in the compound.

Write symbols for every element in the compound.

If you find more than one atom in a particular element in the formula, you can have to write the number of atoms after the element symbol.

Types of Chemical Formula

The different types of chemical formulae are given here.

Structural Formula:

The structural formula for the chemical compound gives insight into the arrangement of the atoms in the molecule.

Empirical Formula:

The formula of a chemical compound represents the ratio of the elements present in the compound.

Molecular Formula:

It provides insight into the number of elements present in a compound.

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FAQ’s on Chemical Calculator

1. What is meant by chemical?

A chemical is defined as a substance that consists of matter. It can be a liquid or solid or gas. The properties of chemicals are acidity, flammability, reactivity, coordination numbers and so on.

2. What is the importance of chemical formula?

The chemical formula provides insight into the chemical composition of a compound. It also employed to represent ions. The chemical formula of a compound is important while representing it in a chemical equation.

3. How to use Chemical Formula Calculator?

All you need to do is select the chemical name or chemical formula and enter the data in the input field. Press the calculate button to get the chemical formula for the chemical name.

4. What is the chemical name for NO3?

The chemical name for NO3 is trioxidonitrate.

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