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Online Empirical Calculator gives the empirical formula of chemical composition in a fraction of seconds. It just takes the chemical composition of the compound and provides accurate results easily.

Steps to Determine Empirical Formula

Check out the simple step by step process to get the empirical of chemical compound.

  • Know the chemical composition of a chemical compound.
  • Get the molar mass of each component
  • Convert the molar mass of every component to moles
  • Find the smallest mole value
  • Divide all components by the smallest mole value
  • Divide by the fractional component of each mole value.
  • Round the obtained numbers to the nearest whole numbers
  • Combine the components and numbers to get the empirical formula.

What is an Empirical Formula?

In chemistry, an empirical formula in chemical composition is the simplest positive integer ratio of the atoms present in that chemical compound. The relative number of atoms of every element in the chemical compound is given by this empirical formula. It represents the percentage of an element in the compound.

The molecular formula of glucose is CHO6, but its empirical formula is CH2O. The major difference is empirical formula gives the simplest ratio of atoms involved in the compound, the molecular formula gives the total number of atoms of an element in the compound.

Empirical Example:

Question: Calculate the empirical formula for composition Ca = 13.5%, H = 67.5%, O = 10.8%.


Given chemical composition is Ca = 13.5%, H = 67.5%, O = 10.8%

Molar mass of Ca = 40.078, O = 15.9994, H = 1.00794

Convert molar mass into moles

Ca = 0.3368, H = 66.96, O = 0.675

The smallest mole value is 0.3368

Divide all components by the smallest value

Ca = 0.3368/0.3368 = 1

H = 66.96/0.3368 = 198.81

O = 0.675/0.3368 = 2.0039

Divide by fractional component of each mole value

Ca = 2.62, H = 521.67, O = 5.258

So, Ca = 3, H = 522, O = 5

Therefore, the empirical formula is Ca3H522O5

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Frequently Asked Question's on Empirical Calculator

1. What is an empirical formula calculator?

An empirical formula calculator is an online tool that allows finding the empirical formula corresponding to the chemical composition. It takes the chemical composition percentage and gives the empirical formula as result easily.

2. What is the empirical formula?

The empirical formula of a chemical compound is defined as the simplest positive integer ratio of atoms present in a compound.

3. What is empirical formula vs molecular formula?

The molecular formula points to the number of atoms of each element in a compound, while the empirical formula is the simplest reduced ratio of elements in a compound.

4. How to find the empirical formula?

The simple steps to find the empirical formula of chemical composition is along the lines:

  • Calculate the molecular mass
  • Calculate the number of moles
  • Find the ratio of the moles
  • Determine the simplest ratio.

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