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Free Ionic Calculator is a user-friendly tool that displays the ionic formula and molar mass of the given ionic compound in a short span of time. All you need to do is give the ionic compound name as input and hit the calculate button to check its ionic formula easily.

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Steps to Write Ionic Formula

The following are the steps on how to write the ionic formula for a compound effortlessly. Go through these steps and get the answer.

  • Write the symbol and charge of cation (metal) followed by anion (nonmetal).
  • Use multiplier to make the number of cations is equal to the number of anions
  • Use the multipliers as the subscript for each ion
  • Write the final formula. Eliminate all charges and subscripts that are 1.

What is an Ionic Compound?

Ionic compounds can be defined as crystalline solids formed by neatly packed ions of opposite charge. Ionic compounds are usually formed when metals react with non-metals. In an ionic compound, the number of cations present is always equal to the number of anions.

The properties of ionic compounds are physical properties, melting and boiling points, solubility, and conduction of electricity. Ionic compounds have ionic units with a specific charge. In an ionic compound, the total number of negatively charged anions is equal to the number of positively charged cations.

Ionic Formula Example:

Question: Write the formula for aluminium nitride.


Given ionic compound is aluminium nitride

Write the symbol and charge of cation, anion

Al3+ N3-

Use multiplier to balance the charge of ions

Total charge of cations = total number of anions

1(3+) = 1(3-)

+3 = -3

Write multipliers as subscript


Write the final formula

Aluminium nitride formula is AlN.

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Frequently Asked Question's on Ionic Calculator

1. What is meant by ionic compound?

Ionic compounds are compounds that consist of both cation and anion. The total number of positive charges on the cation is equal to the total number of negative charges on the anion.

2. What are the 2 parts of an ionic compound?

Ionic compounds are compounds that contain ions that form charged particles when an atom gains or loses electrons.

3. How to use the Ionic Calculator?

You have to provide the ionic compound name in the input box of the calculator to get its ionic formula and molar mass.

4. What is the example of an ionic compound?

Table salt is an example of an ionic compound.

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