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Mole Fraction Calculator is quite user friendly tool that just needs input to provide the accurate output quickly. All you need to do is provide number of moles or solute and moles of solvent and tap on the calculate button to get the mole fraction amount immediately. Make your calculations easy with this free tool.

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Step by Step Procedure to find Mole Fraction

Mole fraction is used to express the concentration of a chemical solution. Follow the simple guidelines mentioned below to get the mole fraction of a solution in fraction of seconds.

  • Get the molar mass of both solute and solvent
  • Also, find the number of moles i.e mass of the compound/ molar mass.
  • Molar mass is defined ad the division of number of moles of the solute by number of moles of the solution.
  • Number of moles of the solution is the sum of moles of solute and solvent.
  • Perform the division operation to get the mole fraction value.

Mole Fraction Formula

Mole fraction is a measure of concentration of a chemical solution. It can be calculated by dividing the number of moles of one component of a solution by the total number of moles of all components of the solution. The sum of mole fractions of all components in the solution is always equal to 1.

Mole Fraction = (Moles of the Solute) / (Mole of the Solute + Moles of the solvent) = (Moles of the solute) / (Moles of the solution)


Question: A Solution contains 30% by mass in carbon tet. Calculate the mole fraction of benzene using Mole Fraction Formula?


Total mass = 100 g

Mass of benzene = 30 g

Mass of Carbon tet = (100 - 30 ) = 70 g

Benzene molar mass (C6H6) = (6 x 12 + 6 x 1) = 78 g mol-1

Hence, number of moles of Benzene = 30 / 78 = 0.3846 mol

Molar mass of Carbon tet (CCl4) = 1 × 12 + 4 × 355 = 154 g mol-1

Carbon tet number of moles = 70 / 154 = 0.4545 mol

Mole Fraction = [number of moles of Benzene / number of moles of Benzene + number of moles of Carbon tet ] x 100%

= (0.3846) / (0.3846+ 0.4545)

= 0.458.

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FAQs on Mole Fraction Calculator

1. How do you calculate mole fraction from molarity?

To calculate the mole fraction from molarity, first multiply the molarity by the volume followed by dividing the product by a thousand. This applies to both solvent and the solution if their mole concentration is available in terms of molarity.

2. Does mole fraction change with temperature?

Mole fraction does not depend on temperature. So, the change in temperature does not show any impact on the mole fraction of the solution.

3. Why is the sum of mole fraction equal to 1?

Mole fraction represents the mulber of molecules of a particular component in a mixture divided by the total number of moles in the mixture. Its a way of expressing concentration of a chemical solution. Therefore, the sum of mole fraction of all component should be equal to 1.

4. Determine the mole fraction of methanol CH3OH and water during a solution prepared by dissolving 5 g of alcohol in 50 g of H2O. M of H2O is eighteen and M of CH3OH is 32?

Moles of CH3OH = 5 / 32 = 0.1562

Moles of H2O = 50 / 18 = 2.77

Mole fraction of CH3OH = 0.1562 / (2.77 + 0.1562)

= 0.0533

Mole Fraction Calculator