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Online Neutralisation Calculator is useful to analyse reactions in which acids, bases are neutralised. You can use this tool to compute the normality of the solution and the equivalent weight of the substance. You need to give the weight of the solute, the volume of solvent and equivalent details in the input fields of the calculator and click the calculate button to check the normality easily.

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How to Find Normality of the Solution?

Obtain the easy step by step process to calculate the equivalent weight or normality of the solution.

  • Get the weight of solute, volume of solvent and equivalent weight
  • Multiply the volume of solvent with the equivalent weight
  • Divide the mass of solute by the product to know the normality.

What is Neutralization Reaction?

A neutralization reaction can be defined as a chemical reaction in which an acid or base react together to form salt and water as products.

The neutralisation reaction equation is acid + base(alkali) → salt + water

For strong acids and bases, the essential reaction is the combination of hydrogen ions with hydroxyl ions to form water molecules.

Normality Formula

In simple terms, normality is defined as the value that measures the concentration of an acid or base in a dissolving liquid.

The formula to calculate the normality of the chemical solution is along the lines:

normality = mass of solute/(volume of solvent * equivalent weight)


  • Normality N unit is eq/L
  • Mass of solute is the weight of the acid or base in grams
  • The volume of solvent is the volume of the liquid in which the substance is dissolved.
  • Equivalent weight is the molecular weight of the substance divided by its valence.


Question: Calculate the normality of 0.321 g sodium carbonate when it mixes in a 250 mL solution.


Given that

Weight of solute = 0.321 g

Volume of the solvent = 250 mL = 0.25 L

The chemical formula of sodium carbonate is Na2CO3

The equivalent weight of sodium carbonate = 106

normality = mass of solute/(volume of solvent * equivalent weight)

= 0.321/(0.25 * 106)

= 0.321/26.5 = 0.012

Therefore, the normality of the solution is 0.012113207547169812 N.

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Frequently Asked Question's on Neutralisation Calculator

1. What is the use of neutralisation?

Neutralisation is used to treat wasp stings that are alkaline in nature. For the neutralisation of acidic soils, farmers use calcium oxide. There is hydrochloric acid in the gut and too much of this induces indigestion. To neutralise the excess acid, antiacid tablets have bases like magnesium hydroxide and magnesium carbonate.

2. What are the applications of a neutralisation reaction?

The applications of neutralisation reaction in titration methods, wastewater treatment, in our digestive system, nanomaterial synthesis, and controlling soil pH.

3. What is the formula for normality?

The formula to calculate the normality of the chemical solution is normality = mass of the solute/(volume of solvent * equivalent weight).

4. How to use the neutralization calculator?

This free calculator is used to determine the equivalent weight of the substance or normality of the solution and analyse the reactions in which bases and acids are neutralized.

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