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Using the Theoretical Yield Calculator helps you know how much of your product to expect from a given amount of starting material. Simply enter the inputs in the input provision and tap on the calculate button to get the output in a matter of seconds with detailed work.

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How to Calculate Theoretical Yield?

Go through the simple steps to find the theoretical yield of a chemical reaction easily.

  • Know the actual yield, percent yield details from the question.
  • Divide the actual yield by the percent yield.
  • Multiply the result with 100% to get the theoretical yield value.

Theoretical Yield Definition

The quantity of a product obtained from a reaction can be expressed as te yield of the reaction. The amount of product predicted by stoichiometry is called the theoretical yield. The amount obtained actually is called the actual yield. A reaction yield is reported as the percentage of the theoretical amount.

Theoretical Yield Formula

Theoretical Yield formula is along the lines:

Theoretical Yield = (Actual Yield/Percent Yield) x 100%

Theoretical yield equation can be defined as Mass of product = molecular weight of the product * (moles of limiting reagent in reaction * stoichiometry of product)


Question: Calculate the theoretical yield of the formation of geranyl formate from 350 g of geraniol. A chemist making geranyl formate uses 350 g of starting material and collects 400 g purified product. Percentage yield is given as 95%


Given that

The acutal yield is 400 g which is the quantity of the desired product

Percentage yield is 95%

Theoretical yield = (Actual yield/percentage yield) x 100

= (400/95) x 100

= 421 g

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Frequently Asked Question’s on Theoretical Yield Calculator

1. What is the theoretical yield formula?

The theoretical yield equation is Mass of product = molecular weight of the product*(moles of limiting reagent in reaction*stoichiometry of product).

2. How to calculate theoretical yield?

To find the theoretical yield, you need to divide actual yield by percent yield. Multiply the result with 100%.

3. What do you mean by theoretical yield?

Theoretical yield is defined as the amount of product predicted by stoichiometry based on the number of complete reactants.

4. What is theoretical yield used for?

The theoretical yield is the maximum possible mass of a product that can be made in a chemical reaction.

Theoretical Yield Calculator