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Given Avogadro's Number Calculator tool is used to find the number of atoms in a particle. It just takes the Avogadro's Number Constant and Moles of the particle in the inputs fields and gives the number of atoms as the output quickly.

Avagadro's Number
x 1023

How to Find Number of Atoms?

Check-out the steps to calculate the number of atoms within a substance and follow them to get the result easily.

  • Get the Avogadro's number constant and moles of the substance.
  • Multiply the number of moles by the Avogadro's constant to find the number of atoms.

What is Avogadro's Number?

The number of units in one mole of any substance is called the Avogadro's constant or Avogadro's number. It's value is 6.022140857 x 1023. The units may be ions, electrons, atoms or molecules based on the character of the reaction and nature of the substance.

Avogadro's number provides the relationship between physical constants and properties. It says the relation between the universal gas constant and Boltzmann constant is R = kBNA, between Faradays constant & elementary charge is F = NAe.

Avogadro's Number Units

The Avogadro's constant units are difficult to define. This number was defined by Amedeo Avagadro an Italian scientist. The equation to calculate the number of atoms is here:

Number of Atoms = Avogadro's Number * moles


Question: Find the number of atoms in the substance if the number of moles in the substance is 3 M?


Given that

Number of moles = 3 M

Number of Atoms = Avogadro's Number * moles

= 6.02214085774 x 1023 * 3

= 18.06642537 x 1023

The number of atoms within the substance is 18.06642537 x 1023

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FAQ’s on Avogadro's Number Calculator

1. What is the relationship between the mole and Avogadro's number?

The term mole allows for the calculation of the number of elementary entities in a mass of the substance. Avogadro's number is a number that says there are 6.022 x 1023 elementary entities in one mole. The mass of one mole of the substance is equal to its molecular weight.

2. What is the value of Avogadro's constant?

The Avogadros constant value is 6.02214179 x 1023 mol-1.

3. How is the Avogadro number calculated?

To get the Avogadro's constant value, you need to enter the mass, moles, molecular weight and number of atoms in particle detail in the input fields. Hit the calculate button to obtain the result easily.

4. What is the definition of Avogadro's number?

The Avogadro's number is the number of particles in a mole. The particle can be anything atoms, molecules, cigarettes, tanks of diesel and many more. The number of particles are exactly 6.02214085774 x 1023 1/mol.

Avogadro's Number Calculator