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Free Concentration Calculator converts the molarity into percentage concentration or vice versa by giving the known parameters such as the molar mass of the dissolved substance and density of the solution. This tool also finds the mass of the substance per 100 g of H₂O if the percentage concentration is known. Simply put density of the solution, molar mass and molarity of the substance details in the input fields and hit the calculate button to get the result easily.

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Steps to Convert Molarity to Percentage Concentration

The following are the simple steps on how to calculate the percentage concentration of the solution from the molarity and molar mass. Go through these guidelines and follow them carefully.

  • Get the molar mass, molarity and density of the solution.
  • Multiply the molarity and molar mass together.
  • Again multiply the product by 100%.
  • Divide the result by the density to check the desired concentration.

What is Mass Percentage Concentration?

Concentration is a composition of the solution and it can be used for any mixtures. In mathematical terms, concentration is the division of the amount of constitution by the total volume or mass of the solution.

The solution can be described in a qualitative way by using the words concentrated and dilute. Here, concentrated means a solution is having the highest amount of solute and dilute means a solution having the lowest amount of dissolved substance.

One type of percentage concentration is the mass percentage concentration or molarity. Molarity can be calculated using Molarity Calcuclator.

Mass percent concentration (wt%) is expressed as the mass of the solute divided by the total mass of the solution into 100 %.

wt% = m₁/m₂ x 100%


m₁ is the mass of the solute

m₂ is the mass of the solution

Percentage Concentration Formula

The equation to calculate the percentage concentration from the molarity is as follows:

wt% = Molarity * 100% * Molar Mass/Density

Molarity = wt% * Density/(Molar Mass * 100%)

Molar Mass = wt% * Density/(Molarity * 100%)

The amount of substance per 100g of water is m = wt% * 100/(100 - wt%)


Question: If 3M Nacl with density 1.116 g/cm3 is having a molar mass of 58.5 g/mol, find the percentage concentration?


Given that

Molarity = 3

Molar mass = 58.8 g/mol

Density = 1.116 g/cm3 = 1116 g/m3

The percentage conentration wt% = Molarity * 100% * Molar Mass/Density

= 3 x 100% x 58.8/1116

= 15.7%

The amount of substance per 100g of water is m = wt% * 100/(100 - wt%)

= 15.7 * 100/(100 - 15.7)

= 1570/84.3

= 18.66 grams per 100 g of water

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FAQ’s on Percentahe Concentration Calculator

1. What is concentration?

Concentration is used to describe the composition of the solution mainly water solution, but it can also be used for any mixtures.

2. What is the percentage concentration formula?

The percentage concentration is also called the mass percent concentration. It is defined as the ratio of the mass of the solute to the total mass of the solution percentage. The formula is wt% = m₁/m₂ x 100% or wt% = Molarity * 100% * Molar Mass/Density.

3. How to convert molarity into percentage concentration?

Multiply the molar mass of the substance by 100 and the product should be multiplied by the molarity. Divide the resultant product by the density to get the percentage concentration.

4. How to dilute molar concentration?

Dilution is a process to reduce the concentration of a solution. Concentration means the amount of solute dissolved in a given volume of solution. A solution can be diluted by adding more solvent to the stock solution. The dilution equation is c₁V₁ = c₂V₂.

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